The Church of God Association purchased Diamond Arrow in 1962 as the new site to hold their annual camp meeting. They had outgrown other sites they had been using and needed a space to accommodate the 1200 people that gathered each summer. Over the first several years, people attending the camp meeting constructed several buildings that are still on the grounds today. It soon became clear that it was too costly to keep the grounds for only one week a year, and so the Association opened up the grounds to other groups during the year. Buildings were added through the years to accommodate the needs of the many different groups holding camp at Diamond Arrow.


The past several years have been a challenge for many camps. When the economy collapsed many people could no longer afford the luxury of sending  kids and family members to camps and conferences. In order to keep people coming to Diamond Arrow the rates were frozen in 2008. This allowed Diamond Arrow to cover basic operating costs and the most dire repairs but did not allow for improvements to the buildings or grounds. In the last several years, as the economy improved, Diamond Arrow has been able to make several improvements. Rates have now been raised out of the necessity to cover the cost of rising minimum wage, food, and utilities.


While Diamond Arrow has been able to begin work on much of the deferred maintenance, there is still a lot to be done! The goal is to become one of the premiere conference centers in Northern California. Diamond Arrow strives to win souls to Jesus by sharing God's word through His creation. In order to achieve this, future plans include updating current buildings, constructing new buildings (including office and Mt. View Lodge II), and adding fun and exciting activities. The hope is that these updates and new features will attract more people and a wider variety of groups. Please join Diamond Arrow in this endeavor by attending our annual fundraiser or donating now!


Check out this promotional video from 2005. While there have been several updates since this was filmed, it shows the essence of what we have to offer here at Diamond Arrow.